Greenwood Village was first settled in the mid-1800s among endless farms and orchards, and bloomed to support the growing mining industry. Today’s Village is an upscale urban and residential mecca, housing some of the nation’s most notable business parks, while managing to hold on to its rural origins.

With horse properties and mansions, to contemporary lofts and subdivisions all in the area, finding homes near Greenwood Village suitable for families and singles alike, is simple with the right Realtor. At Greenwood Village's core is the Denver Technological Center, which headquarters many technology-oriented companies and is one of the region’s largest employment corridors, contributing largely to the Village’s downtown-like economy.

Greenwood Village boasts 300 acres of parks, 100 acres of undeveloped open space, and an expansive trail system with more than 40 miles of scenic walking, biking, and equestrian paths. Coupled with the convenience to commerce and major thoroughfares, and the fact that it falls on the list of highest income communities in the country with a population of at least 10,000, Greenwood Village is an increasingly desirable place to live.