Government website links for our Military Clients!

August 27, 2018

Here are some great links for our military clients!  If you are relocating to or from Denver please don't hesitate to reach out and find out more about the market and how we love working with our military clients!

VA Home Loans The official site of the Veterans Administration home loan benefits and programs.
VA Compromise Loan   The Veteran's Administration  site for a short sale of a VA loan. 
BAH Search    Find the Basic Allowance for Housing for any zip code and any rank. 
BAH Quick Caculator   calculate by zip code for quick reference 
DOD Travel Regulations   Per Diem, allowances , temporary lodging and more. 
The Army   Official DOD site of the Army Army Facebook Page 
The Marine Corps   Official DOD site of the Marine Corps.
Marines Facebook Page 
The Navy  The Official DOD site of the Navy Navy Facebook Page 
The Air Force   the Official DOD site of the Air Force 
Air Force Facebook Page 
The National Guard  The Official DOD site of the National Guard 
National Guard Facebook Page 
The Coast Guard   The Official DOD site of the Coast Guard 
Coast Guard Facebook Page 
Department of Defense News Site   If you do a military news Blog this is a good source for all the official news
DOD Facebook Page