About Jeremy Day

March 16, 2018

We all have our journeys…

Mine started in rural Pennsylvania about an hour south of Pittsburgh. My whole family was involved in construction in one form or another and I fell in love with the pride and satisfaction that comes from building something with your own hands.

A chance conversation led to moving out to Colorado in 2003. I planned to stay a year to be a ski bum and a camp counselor, but every transplant knows how that goes. Colorado just draws you in for good…

15 years later I find myself the owner of a painting business and a practicing real estate agent with the Cobb Home Team.  Life is good!

I am married to my wonderful wife Jill Day, who is a farm girl from Nebraska, and we have a beautiful little one year old girl named Remi Jean.

Matt is my employing broker at the Cobb Home Team. To say Matt and I are outdoor enthusiasts would be an understatement. We actually met on top of San Luis Peak down in the San Juans of Colorado. We became fast friends on top of this rarely visited 14’er in the middle of no where and stayed in touch over the years till our paths finally crossed again in the world of real estate.

It is my pleasure to serve you in your journey to find a home that is perfect for you.

Jeremy Day